Tips to Aid Recovery post Marathon

post marathon recovery
With race day fast approaching hopefully the stars are aligned and all your pre race preparation will allow you to produce a PB on the day.

Your marathon training will have taken you towards the 21-22 mile mark. So coming Monday you will be adding about 15% more distance to your longest run.

Your legs will be pushed to the limit so how can you best recover following your big run??


1- Be like Andy Murray!!

It’s widely known that Andy Murray soaks in a chilled bath after competing. Research shows that immersing the body in freezing cold water speeds up recovery after exercise. By reducing temperature, blood flow and inflammation in tissues of the muscles. 8-10 degrees Celsius is the temperature to achieve this. The soak needs to last around 8 minutes.

2- Avoid running in the early stages but do get up and move.

In the next 24-48 hours a brisk walk, light cycle or swim / aqua jog will increase blood flow to the recovering muscles. Providing oxygen and protein to boost muscle recovery.

3- Recovery massage.

If there are therapists about straight after the marathon then jump on their table and get a gentle effleurage massage to help drain the lactic acid from those tired muscles.
After that it might be 48-72 hours before you could bear someone touching those aching legs. Be sure to inform your physio of how you are feeling, previous response to massage and most importantly if you feel the massage is relieving the pain.

4- Listen to your body.

After the run you won’t know if the many aches and pains are an injury or just the result of the stress from the marathon. So let it settle early stages and if a pain isn’t reducing after 2-3 days consult a physio before starting to run again.

5- Get your nutrition right.

The endurance run you have completed will deplete your glycogen stores, so ensure plenty of carbs over the first few days post race. Increased protein consumption is also very beneficial to aid muscle recovery and rebuilding. Obviously hydration is essential although you might just deserve a pint of “ The Black Stuff” after the run, sure it’s full of iron apparently!!!!