Barefoot Running or Minimalist Running

Barefoot Running - Newry and Belfast PhysioSince the explosion of the barefoot running and five fingers phenomenon, we have an increasing number of our clients asking us if they should be trying it.

There are a lot of claims made of the benefits of this style of running such as increased foot strengthen and reduced injuries. Unfortunately a lot of these claims aren’t backed up by scientific evidence and major manufacturer Vibram are paying the price in compensation to disgruntled customers.

So what do you?

In theory if you are a forefoot striker you may think your gait may be more tailored to the five fingers but does this work in the real world? The most important element runners must evaluate what terrain you run on and is the shoe fit for purpose for you? Also how many elite runners wear these types of shoes?

I would be very interested to get some feedback from those who have experience of the barefoot/ minimalist running. So please Pure Running NI,Born 2 RunNewry & Mourne RunnersNewry City RunnersDub Runners of Belfast, post up any comments below.