Headaches? How Do The Physio Group Clinic’s Treat Headaches

chronic headaches, sports injury, physiotherapy


At The Physio Group Clinic we are seeing an increased number of clients suffering from chronic headaches.

There are many different types of headache such as : tension, migraine, cluster, vascular and hormone induced; these will be managed from a medical perspective.

Within our scope of practice it is the CERVICOGENIC headache that we can assess and treat effectively.

A cervicogenic headache is one that starts in the neck and refers up to the head. The upper neck contains joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves which if irritated can cause the headache.

The cause varies from poor posture to repetitive activities such as lifting and carrying. Significant use of phones, laptops and computers in poor positions also increases the load on your upper neck. Whiplash injuries are also common aggravating factors.

A true cervicogenic headache will always originate from the neck either during or after an activity And presents as a dull ache which spreads up the back of the head towards the temple, usually affecting one side rather than both.

headachesOn our physical examination we expect to find:

– reduction of normal cervical movement

– tenderness and or headache referral on pressing the upper neck joints

– muscular trigger points around the upper neck which refer to the head

– poor posture often with a rounded back and a poking chin.


Once  we at The Physio Group Clinic feel the headache is of cervical origin our treatment consists of:

-soft tissue massage to release the muscles

-joint mobilisation or manipulation to improve joint mobility

-postural and mobility exercises

-advice on computer set up etc


-postural taping if needed


A course of treatment yields high success rates for the true CERVICOGENIC headache so feel free to enquire whether Physiotherapy at The Physio Group Clinic can help you!!