Spinal Mobilisation & Manipulation

Spinal Mobilisation

joint mobilisation, spinal mobilisation, sciatica, PhysiotherapistThis is a passive hands on treatment performed on a specific segment or region of the spine by a skilled Physiotherapist. The mobilisation can vary in speed and amplitude dependent on the treatment goals. The purpose of the movement is to break down scar tissue and adhesions which can cause dysfunction such as pain, stiffness or restricted range of movement. By carrying out the mobilisation as a treatment technique the aim is to restore movement and function.


Spinal Manipulation

This is a manual hands on treatment technique applied to spinal articulations with the aim being to regain full joint mobility and reduce pain. The technique includes winding the joint up into the natural physiological articulation e.g. flex/ extension/ rotation to bring the joint or spinal segment towards the limit of range. At this point a force or thrust is applied by the trained Physiotherapist. This controlled force to a specific joint or segment helps to restore alignment.