Medico Legal Services

Medico Legal Services

personal injury, legal service, rehabilitative physiotherapyAt The Physio Group we provide Physiotherapy services needed for the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of personal injuries whether through a road traffic accident or injury at work. We provide services for the biggest personal injuries solicitor in Northern Ireland. As well as insurance intermediaries who refer clients for Physiotherapy.

What is Whiplash?

This is very general term used for any spinal injury sustained as a result of a road traffic accident (RTA). A normal history is a rear end collision and the head/ neck are jolted forwards and backwards excessively. Causing injury to the muscles, ligaments and joints of the spine. It is normally the neck that is affected.
Whiplash symptoms generally don’t develop immediately. But gradually over the next few days and can present as increasing stiffness and pain, as well as reduction of movement.

How can The Physio Group help?

All our physiotherapists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neck and low back pain. Accurate diagnosis is essential. To ensure onward referral if a severe injury or more commonly reassurance that their injury will recover with time. If appropriate we will provide manual therapy techniques to reduce pain and restore normal range of movement. We provide therapeutic exercise to enhance and maintain improvements. As well as ergonomic advice to reduce the strain in prolonged positions.

Do I receive a report after treatment has finished?

When customers come to us via an insurance intermediary such as Speed Medical. We supply reports as part of our agreement with the particular company. If you are coming via self-referral your acting solicitor can request a copy of notes. He also can ask for us to present a discharge report detailing injuries sustained, response to treatment and long-term prognosis. We will issue a fee upon request before we release relevant documents. We charge in line with standard recommended prices.

Do you deal with injuries at work?

At the clinic we will assess any musculoskeletal injury. So if appropriate we can assess and treat any injury. There may need to be some liaison with the employer’s occupational health team. Regarding any recommendations which might aid a quick and safe return to work.