Pre Marathon Tips

Pre Marathon Tips - The Physio GroupWith Belfast marathon only 3 weeks away and Newry marathon 5 weeks away we thought it would be a good idea to give some advice to those who are running their first marathon.

For most first timers it’s all about crossing the finish line and not personal bests! From a physical point of view we would recommend you manage to get up to 25 or 26 miles somewhere in your training so at least mentally you know you have the physical capabilities of completing on the day!

There is a widespread notion that running the full 26 miles during training is a bad idea, that you are somehow weakening yourself. On the contrary, we tend to think that tackling the full distance for the first time while pushing a race pace is much riskier, you have to train the distance to race the distance!!

This is going to sound absurd compared to the advice you have been given by experienced runners and coaches but remember if you are a 1st timer you are not an experienced marathon runner! If your longest run is 20 miles remember you have still have about 25% left to complete! This doesn’t sound much, but the slower you run this equates to a lot longer on your legs than you are used to.

We see a lot of injuries that occur in the latter part of the race so we feel having the miles in the legs is essential. Just leave yourself enough time to taper and recover for the race!!