Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage

remedial massage, massage Belfast, massage newry, massage newcastleMany of our clients have jobs/sports which have a repetitive element to their activity, either through repetitive postures adopted (driving) or repetitive use of certain muscles doing a particular function (lifting).

Over a period of time this can cause micro-trauma to certain muscles i.e ‘knots’ develop shortening and tightening muscles. If this continues to develop it can cause pain and is known as a ‘repetitive strain injury’.

Injuries can be eliminated or certainly minimised with the use of deep soft tissue massage to break up the knots and reduce the tension in the muscles.

At The Physio Group, we will take a thorough history prior to performing a remedial massage and assess the mobility and tension within the affected muscles. The remedial massage will be of gradually increasing depth depending on the tightness and client responses to the therapy and will be followed up with exercises to improve mobility and posture.

We may also discuss ergonomics of your repetitive activates and offer advice on how to make changes to your work space which may reduce the stress on your muscles. A remedial massage at The Physio Group should have you feeling easier when you leave, but you may feel tender for a day or two following the treatment.

For more details on remedial massage at The Physio Group, call us on 02830269733.