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We are slap bang in the middle of sports season. The GAA is preparing for Championship, the soccer clubs are completing preseason after a year out, and runners / triathletes at last have dates to aim for such as the London marathon. 
With the return to sports training with purpose, this leads to a massive spike in soft tissue injuries. We strain muscles, sprain ligaments and overload tendons. Throwing in the odd meniscus tear or bone fracture. 
Our soft tissue injuries present with different mechanisms. An acute strain sprinting, or a chronic overload without injury causing a tendonitis. 

At this time of the year most athletes are looking for the “ Holy Water” form of therapy 😂 fix a soft tissue injury in unrealistic time so they can compete. 
Tissue healing after injury is something which happens naturally within our bodies and there is usually a minimum time range that we expect an injury to heal. 
As physios we can’t speed the bodies healing response, but what we do is facilitate optimal healing rate so there is no undue delay to return to sport. 
We regularly have patients present after a muscle injury that they rested till pain disappeared only to re injure it. Injury rehabilitation has to be ACTIVE!!! 

Once our physios diagnose the grade of soft tissue injury we set about minimising secondary issues such as, muscle weakness, cardio vascular de conditioning, muscle restrictions. We use a variety of soft tissue massage techniques to clear excessive inflammatory exudate which causes muscle pain and inhibition. The very early stages of an acute injury involve a few days of rest and protection. After that we look at progressively loading with specific and global exercises so the athlete is as close to sport ready when the injury has healed. Exercises are modified such as low impact initially and progress to mimic the extremes of the athletes sport eg high catching for a Gaelic footballer, before we sign them off as injury fit. 

For any queries regarding a soft tissue injury and how best to manage it please send us an email. and get specialist advice and treatment 💪💪