Surgery Prehab/Rehab


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At The Physio Group, we specialise in the preparation for surgery and the rehabilitation post surgery. Our specialty is orthopaedic musculo-skeletal conditions such as ACL surgery, Shoulder reconstructions, and ankle ligament stabilisations. Each surgical patient we rehabilitate will usually have post-operative instructions for their surgeon and we work with the client to achieve their best possible post-op outcome.



The most important part of pre-operative physiotherapy is education and physical preparation for the surgery ahead.

  1. We explain what the surgery involves
  2. How long recovery should take
  3. How much pain, swelling and short-term disability the surgery should cause
  4. What post-operative rehabilitation involves
  5. When are they likely to return to working, driving or sport.
  6. The plan to get back to their desired goal
  7. Roughly how much physio input they will need

We find it vital for our clients to have as much knowledge pre-surgery about their condition and the probable path recovery will follow post operatively. We base this on years of experience dealing with similar cases and regular communication with the surgeons. This aims to allow our clients to be mentally prepared for what lies ahead.

From the physical  perspective, pre operative physiotherapy aims to:

  1. Restore maximum potential range of movement in joints
  2. Reduce swelling
  3. Increase available muscle strength around the affected area
  4. improve general cardio vascular fitness without affecting the injured area ( Aqua jogging or biking)

The stronger, fitter and more mobile our clients are pre operatively the quicker they will tend to recover post operatively.



The first questions we get asked post-op usually are. 

  1. How quickly can I get back to the sport ?
  2. When can I get rid of my crutches/sling?
  3. Can I drive?
  4. What can I do now?

The most important considerations we have post operatively is:

  1. What was the surgery
  2. What is the physiology of the healing process i.e. With ligament reconstruction how long will it take to heal
  3. what are the post operative protocols from the surgeon

We aim to rehabilitate in the shortest possible time within safe time limits of the physiology of the surgery healing.

The aims are to load the injured area progressively and early intervention will include – Range of movement exercises, massage to reduce swelling and muscle stimulation to reactivate the muscles around the injured area. 

Progression involves introduction and mobility and active exercises before muscle strengthening. 

Once through the early stages of recovery, the rehabilitation plan is then targeted specifically towards what the client’s goal of recovery is, whether playing the church organ or return to high-level soccer. This involves sport/activity specific exercises and drills to ensure a safe return to their goal

If you would like more details on the surgery rehabilitation we specialise in please contact our main office on 02830269733