Top Tips For Dealing With Lower Back Pain

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At The Physio Group, we always hear our clients tell us about back pain they have endured in their lives. May it be from years ago or something that has popped up more recently. We know that this is a prevalent symptom, and many young and older people suffer from it. That is why we have created this lower back pain guide you can quickly refer to if you are feeling a little stiff at the end of the day. 

As always, we recommend speaking to one of our highly qualified Physios if your pain gets worse or you need medical attention. 

A sudden injury or the wear and strain of ageing, arthritis, and physical activity are the most common causes of lower back discomfort. Whatever is causing your lower back discomfort, here are some suggestions to help you ease it and avoid future issues.

Maintain proper posture during your activities

Maintain proper posture when undertaking physical activities. This prevents your lower back from damage, especially if you play sports or have a profession that needs repeated motions. Keep your spine upright and avoid slouching as much as possible. Try to bend and straighten from your knees, not the waist, while lifting. When turning from side to side, be careful to move your hips.

When you’re seated, have a good posture

Maintaining an appropriate sitting posture might help you avoid lower back discomfort. If you work at a desk, keep your feet on the floor and sit in a chair that supports your lower back. Hunching forward to view your computer screen and reaching far in front of you to operate your mouse or keyboard are other bad habits that you should avoid. 

Use heat or ice

If you’ve had a lower back injury, you should apply ice during the first 24-72 hours to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Then, to relax stiff muscles, move to heat. Heat can also help with chronic lower back pain that did not happen by accident. You shouldn’t use heat or ice for more than 20 minutes at a time. Regardless of whether you’re utilising heat or ice. This will aid in the prevention of skin damage.

Remember to stretch 

Stretching is an excellent approach to ease chronic and acute lower back discomfort and avoid future issues. It’s crucial to practise a range of stretches since the muscles in the back expand in many different ways. The following are some basic lower back stretches:

  • Pulling your legs to your chest while lying flat on your back.
  • Bend one knee and twist in the direction of your straight leg while attempting to contact your bent knee to the floor while lying flat on your back with your arms outstretched in a “T” posture (called a spinal twist).
  • The “superman” position involves lying on your stomach with your arms spread above and elevating your chest and/or legs off the floor.

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