Occupational Health

Occupational Health

occupational therapy, musculoskeletal injury, physiotherapyEvery year sickness absence costs industry millions of pounds. Of these absences, musculoskeletal injuries are the number one cause. A recent survey by the British Medical Society (2006) found that every employee missed an average of 6-7 days per year due to sickness absence. For a company with a staff of approx 400 employees this equates to 2,600 potential working days lost.

The cost of these absences, which includes covering salaries of absent staff, paying overtime and providing temporary cover was £531 per employee per year in 2005. For a company with a staff of approx 400 employees this equates with £212,400 per year.

Most absences of a musculoskeletal origin can be successfully treated by physiotherapy. Research shows that early intervention to acute musculoskeletal injuries is very successful with significant reduction in absence levels and associated cost savings on sickness absence.

The Physio Group can provide occupational health which includes either off-site physiotherapy or onsite physiotherapy depending on numbers.

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