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At The Physio Group, we are committed to getting you back in the gym and exercising safely. Whether that be in Belfast, Newry or Newcastle. Many exercise habits have changed significantly during the COVID-19 lockdown. Read our 5 top tips to make your return to the gym as seamless as possible!

Here are five fundamental tips to follow to increase your chances of a triumphant and safe return to the gym.

1) Allow at least 48 hours in between sessions.

For the first two weeks, restrict yourself to three days a week. This will allow your tissues to adjust to the increased load you’re putting on them.

2) Reduce your weights to 50% of what you were doing before the lockdown and gradually raise by a percentage each week.

The early emphasis should be on form rather than high loading/intensity. If you were moderately active throughout the lockdown, a 15% increase every week should be possible, meaning you’ll be back to total weights by week four.

Stick to a 10% rise every week if you were inactive throughout the lockdown, which means week six should be the first week you get close to your pre-lockdown weights.

3) Rather than counting reps, keep track of your intensity levels.

Start at 6/10 intensity and raise by no more than 1/10 every week, as a suggestion:

– 10/10 = failure

– 9/10 = 1 more rep could be performed

– 8/10 = 2 more reps could be performed

– 7/10 = 4 more reps

– 6/10 = 6 more reps

4) Warm-up with a specific focus on mobility and activation.

You can warm up before any workout. It’s essential at times when activity levels have reduced, and you have been inactive for a long time (i.e. sitting a lot).

5) When it comes to resuming plyometrics, be cautious.

You should be cautious when completing any movements that require leaping, hopping, or skipping. Plyometric exercises put the most stress on tendons and bones, and as previously stated, it can take up to 72 hours to recover.

Restrict these exercises to twice a week and limit foot contacts (i.e. how many times your foot meets the ground) to 40 per foot, then increase by no more than 10% weekly if you have kept active but not undertaking plyometric activity through the lockdown. If you were inactive during the lockdown, wait until week three of your gym return and follow the above rules.

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