How to Manage Joint Pain While Working From Home

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After more than two years of spending most of our time at home, many of us are gradually resuming certain pre-pandemic habits, such as returning to work or socialising. However, even now that things are mostly back to normal, many people will likely continue to spend more time at home, and working from home may now be a permanent solution for many businesses. Most of us will have less mobility than usual, resulting in stiffness, joint pain, or more significant arthritic flare-ups if this is the case. 

If you have more aches and pains, it might drain your energy and make it difficult to get through the day. We recommend looking at your habits to determine if they may be contributing to your joint pain and discomfort. 

Here are our top techniques for dealing with joint discomfort and arthritis flare-ups while working from home include:

You should not work from your bed

While it may appear to be more comfortable, working from your bed is bad for your posture and spine. Avoid slouching and sit upright at a desk or table if one is available. Good posture alleviates back discomfort and strain in the neck and shoulders. Maintaining good posture is essential for controlling arthritis discomfort.


Getting out and moving is critical, especially if you work in a profession where you may not be moving much throughout the day. Take walks before and after work, as well as during lunch breaks. Make time to raise your heart rate and keep your body moving. Low-impact workouts (such as yoga or pilates) will help maintain your muscles and joints in good shape.

Take a moment to stretch

It’s tough to sit at a desk all day. Take periodic pauses and get up to stretch gently. It will not only relax your mind, but it will also help warm up your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as reduce joint discomfort.

Eat healthily

Find healthy snacks and prepare nutritious meals. Excessive sugar promotes inflammation, leading to more significant joint discomfort. Eating healthily will provide your body with the nutrients and minerals it needs to function correctly.

Joint pain and stiffness from reduced movement is common. Prioritise your health, and don’t put off getting healthcare if you need it. If you’re experiencing joint pain or increased arthritis pain, speak to your doctor. At The Physio Group, our physios specialise in relieving joint pain. We offer seamless care, from diagnosis through treatment and rehabilitation.

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